Vicky & Junior


Victoria is a very happy child. She first started smiling at 4 weeks old, and she has not stopped since! Except for the occasional tantrum of course. I like to say that she has “Queen Victoria syndrome,” and if she does not get her way then it is ‘off with your head!’ She has the kind of lungs that would make an Opera singer jealous! Other than her outbursts, she’s friendly and loves animals. She enjoys listening to music, and likes to be rocked to sleep.


Junior is my little jokester. He has a mischievous smile and the cutest dimples you have ever seen. He loves to run around the house and is always getting into trouble. At the first sign of chaos, he’ll run up to me and give me the sweetest hug and kiss. He’s a sensitive boy and hates when his sisters pick on him. Sometimes when he thinks no one is looking, you’ll catch him steal one of their toys as revenge. He is always making me laugh.


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