Lily & Lexy


Photo courtesy of (c) Richard Ruiz

 is a born leader. She is opinionated and hot headed, with a temper to boot. She is very energetic and active. She loves to play, run around, and kick a ball with her sister. She has a fascination with cameras, and will take pictures all day long if I let her. She mimics everything I do; sometimes you can hear her asking Alexia, to pour her a cup of Coffee during their pretend time. She is also a lefty.


Alexia is a laid back child. She enjoys reading her favorite books and drawing. She loves to recite her ABCs and is a perfectionist when she writes her letters or makes her bed. She loves all things girly and pretty, and will often refer to herself as a Princess if she is wearing a dress. She has an endless supply of hugs and kisses, and she will smother anyone within arms reach with them. She is also a righty.


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